Trustees’ Merit Scholarship Fund

Annual grants are made from a permanent endowment in memory of the following trustees to encourage exceptional students to attend the University of Nebraska. As of December 31, 2016, the endowment market value was $803,311. Trustees' years of service are noted in parentheses.

Joseph H. Cooper, Founder (1935-1946)

Maxwell V. Beghtol, Attorney (1935-1956)

Sidney R. Kent, Attorney, New York City (1935-1942)

John E. Miller, Founder and President, Miller & Paine (1935-1938)

Charles Stuart, President, Stuart Investment Co. (1935-1938)

Edwin N. Van Horne, Commercial and Investment Banker (1935-1971)

Samuel C. Waugh, Banker; Undersecretary of State; President, Export-Import Bank (1935-1953 & Honorary Trustee 1953-1970)

J. C. Seacrest, Publisher, Lincoln Journal (1937-1942)

R. Erle Campbell, Chairman of the Board, Miller & Paine (1938-1978)

J. W. Seacrest, Publisher, Lincoln Journal (1939-1944)

T.B. Strain, Chairman of the Board, Continental National Bank (1939-1957)

Arthur S. Raymond, Chairman of the Board, Lincoln Drug Co. (1940-1961 & Honorary Trustee 1961-1964)

C.S. Boucher, Chancellor, University of Nebraska (1942-1947)

Samuel R. McKelvie, Nebraska Governor; Federal Farm Board; Publisher, The Nebraska Farmer (1944-1953)

W.W. Putney, Chairman of the Board, Midwest Life Insurance Co. (1953-1969)

C. Wheaton Battey, Chairman of the Board, First National Bank (1953-1976)

Theodore A. Sick, Chairman of the Board, Security Mutual Life Insurance Co. (1956-1978)

Hermine Goldberg, Esther and Hermine Goldberg Foundation, Honorary Trustee  (1965 - ?)

Burnham Yates, Chairman and President, First National Bank (1971-1990)

Harold Hoppe, Chairman, W. F. Hoppe Lumber Company (1979-1990)

James H. Zumberge, Chancellor, University of Nebraska (1974-1975)

E. J. Faulkner, Honorary Chairman, Woodman Accident and Life Co. (1979-1993)

Robert A. Dobson, Chairman Emeritus, Dobson Brothers Construction Co. (1966-1993)

Mel C. Glatz, Founder, Mel C. Glatz & Associates, Inc., Honorary Trustee (1979-1993)

J. Lee Rankin, Partner, Beghtol, Foe and Rankin; Solicitor General of the United States; Corporation Counsel for the City of New York (1946-1952, 1957-1984 & Honorary Trustee 1984-1996)

Durward B. Varner, President Emeritus, University of Nebraska; Chairman Emeritus, University of Nebraska Foundation (1991-1998 & Honorary Trustee 1999)

Elwood N. Thompson, Chair, Cooper Foundation, (Trustee 1953-2002, President 1964-1990 & Chair 1990-2002)

W.W. Nuernberger, Judge of the Juvenile Court of Lancaster County (1977-1998 & Honorary Trustee 1998-2009)

John White, President, Nebraska Wesleyan University (1997-2011)

Kathryn "Tish" Druliner, Hovland-Swanson (1978-2008)

John E. Olsson, Founder, Olsson Associates (1978-2004)