Grant Management

What to expect after receiving a grant.


Applicants are notified within a week of the funding decision, and will receive a letter with more information.

Grant Term

Most grants are for a term of one year.

Grant Agreement

The Foundation will provide a grant agreement that specifies the amount and purpose of the grant, the grant term, conditions or contingencies, if any, and reporting requirements. Grantees submit signed agreements through our online system.

Conditions and Contingencies

Some grants may be conditional or contingent upon the grantee fulfilling certain requirements before the grant will be paid. These may be related to funding, staffing, planning, or policies.

Grantees typically have one year in which to meet the conditions or requirements. If grant requirements are not fulfilled, the grant may be rescinded.


Grant payments are scheduled according to the information provided in the Application. 

If the grant is contingent or conditional it will be scheduled for payment once the conditions are met and/or requirements are fulfilled.


Grants are assigned follow-up reporting as necessary. Some grants may also be assigned progress reports within the grant term. More information on required reporting will be provided after the grant is awarded.


Organizations may only have one active grant at a time. (This restriction may be waived for organizations applying as part of a collaborative grant request.)

Multi-year Grants

We very rarely make multi-year commitments. Organizations may apply in consecutive years, but we are unable to provide ongoing funding for any organization or program so consecutive annual requests are limited to two or three years.

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