Community Development Resources

$60,000 toward the establishment of the Community HOPE Federal Credit Union

The primary objective for the Community HOPE Federal Credit Union is assisting those unserved and underserved in the community to find HOPE by providing a choice of financial tools and resources. Established in June of 2017, Community HOPE Federal Credit Union provides services like reasonably priced short-term personal loans, payroll check cashing, checking and savings accounts, and other financial products to people whom live, work, worship, learn or use poverty-alleviation services in a large area of Central Lincoln, generally referred to as Antelope Valley. Community HOPE reduces the financial and social damage of predatory lending (“payday loans”) on the Lincoln community. The credit union offers an alternative short-term loan as well as financial literacy support for members and borrowers.

Community Services Fund of Nebraska

$6,000 in support of the 2017/2018 campaign

The Community Services Fund (CSF) is a fundraising coalition serving 64 nonprofit organizations across the state. Founded in Lincoln, NE, in 1981 by four non-profit agencies that wanted to conduct worksite fundraising campaigns but were not included in traditional community campaigns.

Community Services Fund conducts worksite-giving campaigns on behalf of 64 nonprofit member agencies that include social services, arts and culture, humanities, advocacy, and environmental organizations. With a donor-directed system, Community Services Fund ensures that contributions support member agencies as designated, rather than by predetermined allocation levels. For the 2016 workplace giving campaign, CSF raised over $610,000 for their member agencies.

“We are committed to promoting responsible philanthropy in the Lincoln community and the State of Nebraska through workplace giving campaigns. We bring a broad range of choices to donors in the workplace and enable individuals to designate their gifts to organizations working to improve the quality of life in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska.” – Melissa Filipi, Executive Director

Nebraska Bicycling Alliance

$10,000 toward operating support

The Nebraska Bicycling Alliance is the only Nebraska organization dedicated to making Nebraska a safer, more bicycle friendly state through education, advocacy, and partnerships with other agencies on a statewide level.

One of the first victories for the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance was the passage of LB 716 by the Nebraska legislature during the 2016 session, which provided safer bicycling and more equitable laws in Nebraska. The new law gave people on bikes the same legal right of way in crosswalks as people on foot. The bill also eliminated an outdated mandatory side path provision that was in the statutes.

Nebraska Bicycling Alliance hosts events and meetings across the state to discuss issues, barriers and opportunities for bicycling in local communities, and provides technical assistance and support to encourage bicycling and improve bike safety for everyone.

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